Pickapepper Sauce

While on our honeymoon in Jamaica, my husband and I formed a new addiction…Pickapepper Sauce! This tasty Jamaican condiment is similar to worcestershire sauce but so much better! We brought home a few bottles for ourselves as well as a few for those taking care of our four legged children. We quickly ran out and so my search began to find more Pickapepper sauce! I was delighted to find that I didn’t have to order it online but that I could buy it at Whole Foods and even at our local supermarket. (our local Whole Foods has since quit carrying it and has replaced it with Busha Brown’s Jamaican Jerk seasoning which is also delish!)

Pickapepper sauce is amazing, so simple to cook with and it’s great to have on hand to add pizazz to a boring meal. I marinate chicken and steak in it, dip sandwiches and burgers in it and it’s delicious in place of BBQ sauce for a BBQ chicken or steak pizza. I use it in many recipes that call for worcestershire sauce as well.

Stay tuned for my favorite Pickapepper Sauce recipes!! In the meantime, stock up on this tasty condiment so that you’re ready to start cooking with it! If you can’t find it locally you can always order it online¬†http://www.pickapeppa.com/.



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